Education Portal Online Tutor Portal

This portal facilitates tutor to enroll students and conduct their classes as well as exams online. Students from any corner of India can get the best Tutor for different subjects from their hometown and save time & money for commuting to the institute.


When thousands of students take online exams, the portal should respond quickly without any downtime and high availability.


This portal frontend has been developed using HTML, CSS, ReactJS and hosted on AWS S3 as a static website. AWS Cloudfront is used to cache static content to reduce latency and enhance user experience. AWS Route53 routes all requests to the nearest cloudfront edge location

Business logic for the portal has been implemented using REST API which is exposed publicly through AWS Gateway and implemented as AWS Lambda functions. The API Gateway cache helps to reduce the number of calls to Lambda function and response to read API calls very quickly. The REST API is used by the mobile application for business logic implementation. When the online exams are scheduled at the same time for thousands of students, around twenty thousands users are accessing the portal at the same time to take the online exam. The AWS Lambda scales very quickly to satisfy all requests simultaneously with very less response time.

The user management is using AWS Cognito to store users credentials and authentication flow.

The persistent data of the portal is stored in AWS DynamoDB which provides response in milliseconds and capable of storing massive data. The DynamoDB DAX helps to cache frequently accessed data reducing the load on the actual database.